Garfield - currently a college student in Seattle, U.S.A.

posted Oct 14, 2009, 11:50 PM by Concordia English Center Macau   [ updated Jul 17, 2010, 1:23 AM ]
Garfield – 現在在美國的西雅圖讀大學

"My father started studying here a long time ago, and then I started when I was thirteen years old. I first came for some of the free activities, and I found it very interesting and I loved talking with the teachers. Then I asked my father if I could study here too. This place has been very important for me, I love it here!"
“我爸爸很久以前就開始在協同英語中心學習英語. 因為他的原因, 我十三歲的時候就開時在這裡學習. 剛開始我參加了一些免費活動, 發現很有趣, 也很喜歡跟老師們聊天. 後來我求我爸爸讓我能夠固定地來這裡學習. 這個地方對我來說很重要. 我愛這個地方!”