About Us中心簡介

Classes at the Concordia English Center are unique and exciting. Our teaching staff consists of native English speakers who are eager to get to know you personally. We offer private tutoring sessions to fit your needs as an individual. You can choose to work on grammar, reading, writing, listening, or even conversation. We recognize that students study English for a variety of reasons -- for school, work, or just plain fun! Our teachers recognize your goals and are determined to help you achieve them.

Teaching goes beyond the classroom here at Concordia English Center. Tuesday through Friday from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm, you are welcome to bring your lunch to the center and eat and chat with the teachers. We call it "Meet and Eat". Additionally, Concordia English Center offers three free group classes each week.  These classes are a great way to meet other English speakers of all levels and to learn from the Bible as well. Once a month, the Center also plans a social event. These events are a time to laugh, smile and enjoy yourself. So why not come in to...
協同英語中心的課程獨特而生動. 執教的美國教師將成為你良師益友。為了適合不同的需要本中心提供個人輔導.你可決定你所要學的──語法,閱讀,寫作,听力,對話。我們明 白學習英語的目的有多種-為了讀書,工作,或者是興趣。

在協同英語中心課堂之 外,學習依然進行。二到五中午十二點到兩點我們歡迎你帶你的午餐到我們中心來,一邊吃一邊跟我們老師聊天。這就是我 們的 “午間英語角”。

此外,本中心設有三個長期免費英文聖經班。一方面,可與老師或其他各種不同程度的學生進行交談, 另一方面,你可以通過聖經學英文。

本中心每月舉辦一次不同主題的派對, 讓你盡情享受在其中!。 快點加入我們吧!!!